2 Seat IFS Ultra 4 Chassis

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This chassis in built based off of Bill Baird's #5252 car "The Beast", using the same engineering and geometry of his single seat car we straightened out the engine and transmission and made the chassis 6" taller, 8" wider for the passenger seat to be mounted about the transfercase without loosing any belly clearance. These chassis are constructed out of 4130 chromoly, fully tig welded, and then sent off to Saturn Machine for stress relief post welding to ensure that you are getting the strongest chassis possible. These are built for our front a-arm assemblies (upper and lower), our rear axle truss kits, and our trailing arms. The front differential is a Currie 9" IFS housing specifically machined for this chassis. Drivetrain mounts are for LS, Turbo 400, and Atlas Transfercase. 

* Call for pricing, availability, and any other questions!

* Single seat version available - call for pricing