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As times have changed, so have we. With an outstanding background and a cumulative of 50+ years installing lift kits, gear set ups, lighting accessories, and just about anything you can dream of for your vehicle; We also have a distinguished background in custom fabrication and building offroad vehicles to the highest limit. As of 2/1/2020 we have decided to divide the two, all while keeping the same crew on the job. True Blue Truck is now the operating business that is handling all truck and Jeep work including lift kits, gear installation, general maintenance, accessory installation, and so much more. Please contact them at with any questions you may have.  Essentially Offroad is now specializing in CAD design, CNC tube cutting, CNC plate cutting, custom chassis fabrication, SXS roll cages, SXS suspension products, and general welding. Feel free to contact us with any questions at, thanks!  

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